Delivery Information

1 Deliveries/Collections/Storage

1.1  No deliveries/collections will take place until payment for the merchandise is made in full and cleared by our bank.

1.2  Deliveries by us will take place within designated areas, and during office hours on working days, or by agreement with the branch manager.

1.3  Blockhouse Stores (Pty) Ltd will only make deliveries where the merchandise can fit in lifts, staircases or through doors and merchandise will not be hoisted onto balconies.

1.4  The onus is on the customer to inform us of weight/tonnage restrictions applicable to the place of delivery.  Any damages resulting from non-disclosure in this regard will be for the customer's account.

1.5  Please ensure that the place of delivery is accessible for deliveries and that you have cleared the space for the merchandise prior to delivery, together with removing breakables that could be in the way of the delivery.

1.6  Should the delivery crew be required to move any furniture to make space for the delivery of the merchandise, Blockhouse Stores (Pty) Ltd will not be held responsible for any resulting damages to the new or existing furniture or interiors whatsoever.

1.7  Any additional costs due to failed deliveries, access problems and/or failure to adhere to the appointment time will be   for your account.

2. Proof of delivery and damage to delivered merchandise

A signed proof of delivery by you, the customer, or a representative, without annotations, is proof that you have received the merchandise in good order and condition, ie undamaged.  If there is any damage to the merchandise, this must be annotated/ recorded on the proof of delivery upon delivery and reported by you, the customer, in writing to the store manager within 24 hours. Refer to clause 9 in our terms and conditions regarding exchanges/refunds.

3. Collections

The person collecting the merchandise must produce an original order confirmation, as well as the original proof of payment (receipt), for the merchandise to be released. Upon release of the merchandise, if no damage is recorded on the collection document, this document will serve as proof that the merchandise was received in good order and condition.  Should the customer fail to take delivery within 30 days from the agreed delivery date, we reserve the right to cancel this agreement and impose the cancellation charge as set out in clause 8 in our terms and conditions.

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